Asymmetric Medical is a medical device startup developing unique surgical tools based on a revolutionary fiber design enabling intuitive, precise, and low energy surgery.


Our signature fiber was developed to facilitate safer, easier surgery using the unique ability of fiber optics to create a concentration of directed light capable of meeting a surgeon,s cutting needs while minimizing the effect on the surrounding tissue.



The workhorse of laparoscopic surgery, the Laser-Seal is the first laser based sealing and dissecting tool. It allows for easy, robust tissue and organ manipulation while bringing the unique benefits of the laser: speed, low energy use, and precision.



Robotic technology is changing the way surgeries are performed, enabling better access and consistent results. Combined with the superior precision of the Asymmetric Fiber technology, this advance is further improving patient care while opening-up new applications.



Asymmetric fiber technology makes the laparoscopic hook even better with increased precision energy emission, minimizing collateral damage and reducing complication rates.



Our generators are custom built medical lasers incorporating innovative diode technology for wavelength, power, and miniaturization.



Our core fiber technology lends itself to many new applications, see here to learn more.



To achieve our mission of freeing the surgeon, we choose to use light. The precision of laser technology, and therefore the benefits of using lasers in medicine, are clear. For this reason, laser technology is already prolific in aesthetics and ophthalmology, fields in which accuracy is key. Now, our technology brings these benefits to the operating room table.

Asymmetric Medical puts the surgeon at the centre: we believe that by designing our products with a tight focus on the surgeon, we can help doctors give better care to their patients. Our mission is to equip surgeons with the best tools, which are both accurate and intuitive, allowing them to focus their full attention on the patients. To accomplish this, we bring all the information and controls to the surgeon’s fingertips, keeping their attention on the patient.

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Canine Laparoscopic Salpingo-Oophorectomy
By Asymmetric Medical | September 18, 2015


General Surgery Overview 2015
By Asymmetric Medical | June 21, 2015

This video displays the capabilities of Asymmetric Medical's Laser-Seal. The Laser-Seal is a vital tool for many procedures, including radical prostatectomy and nephrectomy, as it can seal and dissect blood vessels up to 7mm. As shown in this video, Asymmetric Medical's Laser-Seal has been tested in a range of medical procedures and has proven itself an effective tool capable of meeting all surgeons' needs.


Gynecology: Canine C- Section
By Asymmetric Medical | June 22, 2015

This Canine c-section was completed using a Laser-Hook. Canine c-sections, like any c-sections, are delicate operations. In addition to ensuring the health of the mother, the surgeon is responsible for the lives of multiple puppies. This video shows the precision with which the surgeon is able to perform this operation, using Asymmetric Medical's Laser-Hook. The Laser-Hook is ideal for procedures such as endometrial resections and myomectomies.


Asymmetric Medical was featured in Japan’s Nikkei newspaper. Asymmetric was part of a select group of Israeli startups chosen to participate in a roadshow by the Israel Innovation Authority to license advanced technologies to the robotics market. The Article (Japanese) Translated to English    

Asymmetric Medical was among the 15 startup winners of the HighTechXL & Phillips Impact Summit, chosen to participate in HighTechXL’s accelerator in Eindhoven and cooperate with Phillips to create the next generation catheter ablation treatment for Atrial Fibrillation.

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Ori Weisberg
Co-Founder & CEO

A father of 3 boys, mostly engaged in feeding the beasts, Ori started simulating planetary dynamics at MIT under the supervision of Prof. Wisdom, the father of the study of chaos in the solar system. Ori was the first employee at OmniGuide Inc., a laser medical device spin-off out of MIT. Both Moshe and Ori love to tinker and experiment with lasers and they founded Asymmetric Medical with the vision of building laser tools that put the surgeon at the center, thus, bringing the best tools to the surgeon’s fingertips in a seamless manner.

Moshe Eshkol
Co-Founder & CTO

Eshkol is the eternal optimist. With him something is always happening and there is never a dull moment. Whatever goes on, you are guaranteed to hear a great story before the end. Eshkol, an Apache helicopter pilot (reserve), expert snow-boarder and all in all a great guy, is a solid state physicist and has extensive knowledge of numerical simulations and FEA. As in all good stories, Eshkol will tell you Asymmetric was born in his favorite pub, Ha'achim, drinking his favorite beer, Alexander Green.

Ron Weisberg
Special Advisor

Ron, an expert skier, trekker and diver, is the chairperson of Poalim IBI Managing and Underwriting Ltd., a leading Israeli investment bank. Ron is the go to guy. When all else fails, he always finds a way. In addition to work and travel Ron also volunteers and mentors’ young professionals on developing their career and helps to get them on the best possible track.

Yaron Assaf, MD
Senior Medical and Regulatory Consultant

For the past 8 years Dr. Assaf has been volunteering at the refugee clinic in south Tel-Aviv, he also served for 7 months as a volunteer physician at the rural Kiboga hospital and the surrounding outreach clinics in Uganda. After the devastating 2015 earthquake in Nepal, he went there as a surgeon in a civil Israeli rescue expedition. Yaron enjoys trekking, cycling and yoga. Yaron, leads the clinical and regulatory sides of Asymmetric Medical.

Amir Szold, MD
Senior Surgeon & Prominent Expert in Laparoscopic Surgeries

Dr. Szold is a senior general surgeon at Assuta Hospital and one of the leading laparoscopic surgeons in Israel. He is a true pioneer of laparoscopic surgery, constantly pushing the envelope and developing new techniques and products.

Tanya Keynan
Administrative Assistant

Tanya is the center of Asymmetric, she has to deal with all the weird requests of this creative team while staying cool calm and collected. Tanya is an electrical engineer by training and has extensive experience in the start-up scene in Israel, the US and the UK, filling diverse roles both in R&D and in costumer facing positions.

Miriam Prosnitz
Business Development Intern

Miriam, an MIT graduate with a double major in EE and CS, spent an activity-filled summer internship with us, that included traveling and driving off-road buggies all while working at Asymmetric.

Lilach Segal
Quality Consultant

Lilach is a certified quality engineer with a 20 year experience in the medical device industry. She worked in several managing positions for companies such as ColBar R&D and MindGuard.

Skip Farinha

Albert "Skip" Farinha has almost thirty years of experience in senior management positions for emerging technology companies, such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, UltraCision and Haemonetics. His consulting experience includes extensive work in regulatory strategy and submissions, compliance remediation and internal auditing.

Yuval Kella

Yuval, in addition to being voted most handsome guy at Asymmetric has recently returned from an extensive trip to the USA's West Coast, visiting the Grand Canyon, Arches, Yosemitie (Yosemite) and many other places. Yuval has begun studying Industrial Engineering and is also in charge of Asymmetric’s lab.

Rotem Alkalay

Growing up on a farm, Rotem had to fend for himself from an early age, fighting off geese and other animals. Growing up he built off-road vehicles and fixed everything from tractors to computers. Rotem recently completed his military service as a search and rescue company commander in the IDF and is leading Asymmetric’s efforts in the transition from prototype to tool manufacturing.

Offer Razi
R&D Engineer

Offer, a dog lover recently parted from his beloved Eve, as she went on to be raised by a family with special needs children. As a consolation prize Offer and his wife Tamar took on Esther, a rescue dog. Offer completed a double major, ME and Material Science. Offer also spent a year living in China teaching English in Yunnan province. Offer founded an industry-university liaison organization to advance and strengthen ties between students and industry.

Chen Goldstein
Director Business Development

Chen, born in Kibbutz Ketura in the south of Israel has always taken a liking to animals. He is an avid cross-fit trainer with CrossFit Namal. Following his military service in an R&D position, he studied biology and then continued to an MBA at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Chen is always looking for ways to improve lives and is heading Asymmetric’s business development, looking for ways to further the impact of our technology.

Yasin Yassin
R&D Engineer

Yasin is 26 years old, he recently returned to Israel after 7 years of living and studying in Germany. Yasin completed both a BSc and an MSc in Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Rostock in Germeny. From a young age Yasin dreamt of becoming a surgeon, but fell in love with designing and inventing new tools for surgeons instead. Yasin loves riding horses, playing chess and volunteering in his community.

Hagai Vesely
R&D Engineer

Hagai, was born and raised in a small town in the picturesque mountains of the Galili in the north of Israel, Hagai recently moved to the big city with his wife and their beloved dog. When he is not working at Asymmetric you can find him playing foot-volley on the the beautiful beaches of Tel Aviv or making his famous home made beer. Hagai travelled extensively through Africa, Uganda, Rwanda and South America.


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